I think in our life everyone want have a good life. I do too. the relatively short lifetime. i realy like make alot of friends. Because, when we have many many friend, we will happy, strongly and powerful. why? when you are sick, i will take care of you. when you are sad, I will always be with you. when you no money. Don't worry, i will lend you money....I want make friend with everyone!!!!!!!! Hello, hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:~))(:~))

Hope Speak: You want to do something that people recognize like us. You want to create something that lasts generations; that is remembered for hundreds of years. You desire to inspire someone to see life as it really is, a gift and a pleasure, being to be grateful for. When you write for us means you write to change the world.

Hope Speak lets you save time and money for learning languages by chat with strangers and chat with random people you meet

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Vô Danh >3 years
Waiting you some years more. I'll die soon @Meo Miu . Maybe I will the one who lend you money . Anyway, thanks for your enthusiasm (=dragon-dreaming=)
Đại Vĩ >3 years
You are very generously, if i have many money, i will go to shoping, will buy many food(:D)
Meo Miu >3 years
if i have much money, i will give u. ok. wait me some year. (=dragon-dreaming=) vo danh
Vô Danh >3 years
Where are you @Meo Miu ? Do you find somewhere to hide yourself because of my suggestion (:D) . If yes, I'll retract it if it makes you happy . (:~))
Vô Danh >3 years
that's good. so, how much can I borrow from you , huh ? Be honest with yourself and me as well . It's very nice if you don't need me to pay back (:->) . One more question , which way do you want to transfer money to me : bank account or in person or something else ? (:~))
Meo Miu >3 years
oh. ok. if i have much money, i will lend you money. not at all(=dragon-muoa=)
Vô Danh >3 years
@Meo Miu : I don't need to more money , only 10 once of 9999 fine gold . Is it small, right ? I'm look forward to read your reply . (:D) - feeling hoped---
Meo Miu >3 years
ok. how much? Vo danh (=dragon-muoa=)
Vô Danh >3 years
Wow, you're my life saver . Currently, I don't have money, could I borrow you some ? I promise that I'll pay you if I become a millionare . Do you agree ? (:D)
Meo Miu >3 years
nice to meet you, same hometown Le dinh tuan
Hi.my name is
Hoangvan >3 years
Le dinh tuan >3 years
Hello, everyone, my name is tuan, i'm living in vinh city, i'm a new member, nice to meet you!
truong luan >3 years
best friend(:D)
Meo Miu >3 years
ok. donn't mention it. (:D) minhtran
minhtran >3 years
add me, want to be your friend and borrow your money later (:D)
Meo Miu >3 years
i will lend you money Ngoc Anh (:D)
Meo Miu >3 years
i don't care (=))) duongphuquoc
Ngoc Anh >3 years
i dont have money
AUTU-SPT >3 years
杨 富国 >3 years
I am sick
Meo Miu >3 years
nice to meet you. i very happy to make friend with everyone
Huong Pham >3 years
Nice to meet you (:~))
Huong Pham >3 years
What a meaningful post! <3

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