hello everybody! I'm a new member. Nice to meet u

Written by Yamaguchi ToshiroYamaguchi Toshiro- (YamaguchToshiro)

Of course. - with Pham Thuong
Pham Thuong >3 years
hello,I'm a girl, let's make friend with me @. I'm from in Viet Nam, I want to talk English Every day...you can help me :p
I live in HD
Kim Ngân >3 years
Nice to meet you? Where do you live in VietNam?
I come from Vietnam
Boy Bui >3 years
are you come from japan
Lieu Vo >3 years
Hi bạn
Bạn là người Việt à?
Bạn là người Việt à?
Hi bạn
namle >3 years
chao ban, lam wen nhe
namle >3 years
Thuy Duong >3 years
hi :)
I'm so happy to be friends with you (:~))
luuton >3 years
nice to meet you
nice to meet u
Nice to meet u, too
Nhat Hoa >3 years
Ok, me too
Nhat Hoa >3 years
Hi, pleased to meet you.
No I'm not. I'm vietname :)
nice to meet u too
Đại Vĩ >3 years
I don't know but i just have studied at my school #Kim
kim >3 years
Dai vi. How long have you studied english?
kim >3 years
How to make friend here(:~))
kim >3 years
Đại Vĩ >3 years
Hi, Nice to know you
Gangster >3 years
You are Japanese, right ?

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