Hello everybody. My english"s bad :((. But I want to talk with all people in the world :)

Written by Vu NgocVu Ngoc

Self-made man >3 years
mì tuu. :))))))))))))))))))))))
ye, in future , i will speak E with e ny bo đy
Nhat Hoa >3 years
me too. i want talk english with everybody in the world.
me too, i want to make friends with many people, (:D)
Huynh Nguyen >3 years
me too
Marko Riga >3 years
Hey me too!! My English is not excellent yet. Add me so that we can make friends!
Julice Nguyen >3 years
me too. I also speak English. Can U add me? We will talk everyday
Vu Ngoc >3 years
tu: ok. we can pratice. bz all people also want to learn E too
I want also to learn english and I hope everybody will help me.
Vu Ngoc >3 years
Yes. I hope so too :).
Đại Vĩ >3 years
Yep, like me. Now my english isn't good but it will improve Soon in future

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