Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm new member

Written by Uyển NhãUyển Nhã- (UyenNha)



Hope Speak: You want to do something that people recognize like us. You want to create something that lasts generations; that is remembered for hundreds of years. You desire to inspire someone to see life as it really is, a gift and a pleasure, being to be grateful for. When you write for us means you write to change the world.

Hope Speak lets you save time and money for learning languages by chat with strangers and chat with random people you meet

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18 People Hand Up This
Uyển Nhã >3 years
I want to improve English. Help me!!!!
Uyển Nhã >3 years
Javaria Talat >3 years
hi i want to appear in ielts test so anyone can help me
Le Duy >3 years
Omg beautiful girl
Bin Nthh >3 years
like 4 u
Tuấn Anh >3 years
so cute
tran thanh >3 years
hello . You beautiful .. Nice to meet you
Tam Lee >3 years
Tam Lee >3 years
beautiful girl
kenzj >3 years
so ur beautiful
hokilele >3 years
Abbas Sagar >3 years
Kun Cattleya >3 years
so cute
nguyentatminh >3 years
Uyển Nhã >3 years
Thank for your compliment. I'm very happy. we can be Friend ^^ (;))
tien pham >3 years
gopal >3 years
u are very pretty
Le Quy Ai >3 years
quá đẹp = quá nguy hiểm
minhtran >3 years
You look really cute <3 can we become friend to practice eng?
Sang Tran >3 years
Song Pham! good man
AUTU-SPT >3 years
Nice too meet you,too!(;))
vankinh123456 >3 years
m chua biet j ve tiếng anh m muốn học lắm nh ko co điều kiện ai biết giúp m với
Sang Tran >3 years
wellcome to hopespeak page.
Sang Tran >3 years
hi!nice to meet you!
Kim Ngân >3 years
A beautiful girl, nice to meet you
Uyển Nhã >3 years
(:->) thank you.we can be Friend.
linda93 >3 years
beautifull :D
Song Pham >3 years
hi, can we be a friend? (:->)
phuong nguyen >3 years
hello .can i to talk with you ??
Uyển Nhã >3 years
Javaria Talat >3 years
hi i am also new member(:-S)

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