Hello people, I'm new user here, I'd like training my english, who can help me please?

Written by Leandro Gomes da SilvaLeandro Gomes da Silva- (it.leandrogomes)

Hello people, I'm new user here, I'd like training my english, who can help me please?

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7 People Hand Up This
Hee hee >3 years
Me too
Nguyễn Thư >3 years
I need sombody to learn English with me too. Nice to meeat you ^^
Pham Thuong >3 years
me too, help me :(
You have skype? Please add me it.leandrogomes. We can train our english together
Kim Ngân >3 years
hello, nice to meet you
Queen Lam >3 years
hello, nice to meet you! (=)))
Đình Đình >3 years
Im a new user too and i hope i can make more friends . Nice too meet you
Mio Ngân >3 years
learning english together
Thoa Bui >3 years
I really really want to speak english. Help me please.
smallpea >3 years
if you want we will talk on long time. im new use here too
dung nguyen >3 years
how are everybody?
dung nguyen >3 years
helo everybody
Cao Thanh Tam >3 years
Me too, we can be friend to talk English everyday, for improve our English.
How do you do for bettrr your english?
How do you do for training english?
Hưng Hồ >3 years
Hello. Nice to meet you!
Hi guys! Have a nice day.
Đại Vĩ >3 years
Hi, Nice to know you
My name is Leandro and Im from Brazil, and here you from?
Im happy to have your reply. What's your name, Song Pham?
Hello everyone. My name is Phượng and Im a new user too. Im very happy if I have new friend and help my english get better.
Song Pham >3 years
hi, of course, we can be a friend

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