Hey,guys I'm looking for a English speaking partner.Anybody here?

Viết bởi RayhanRayhan- (Rayhan)

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tấn >2 years
hello everybody. i want to learn english. i need person who can help me. we can add facebook to talk easily.
Rayhan >2 years
trang >2 years
Rayhan >2 years
Hi,there! - với Hong Nguyenthan...
Rayhan >2 years
I think so,if you want you can create a skype a/c. - với Nhung Nguyễn Th...
Rayhan >2 years
Hi,there! - với minh kha võ
Rayhan >2 years
Hi,there! - với Minh Ánh
Minh Ánh >2 years
minh kha võ >2 years
I can chat with you ? - với Trâm
phat >2 years
that's good
luyenluyen >2 years
I have a sulution. we will create skype and we have 5 people in group, talk each other. How do you think about this?
Rayhan >2 years
Hi! - với Hà Thị Thuỳ Tra...
Rayhan >2 years
Nice to meet you too! - với Thai
Rayhan >2 years
Good to see you! - với Nhung Nguyễn Th...
I am Nhung, nice to meet you
Thai >2 years
my name is Thai. Nice to meet you
Nice to meet yo
Dove >2 years
Nice to meet you!
Hi. i want to learn English.
Rayhan >2 years
Hi! - với Đã Muộn Màng
Rayhan >2 years
Ok! I agree with you! - với Dương Hà
Dương Hà >2 years
Hi . we 're the same hobby . pleased to chat with you
Sameh Bouali >2 years
yeah (:~)) - với Rayhan
PhamNhu >2 years
My skype is kieunhu.pt@outlook.com
PhamNhu >2 years
hi, nice to meet you.
Mary_Ngo >2 years
IB Snow Pham >2 years
hi, nice to meet u
Howard Kelly >2 years
hi. nice to meet you
vân >2 years
Sameh Bouali >2 years
Hi we can be friends
hùng >2 years
hi. can i add friend with you?
hoanganh >2 years
hi. Can i add friend with you
John Cahill >2 years
He looks like the prince in Dubai
Hưng Hồ >2 years
i can if you want to talk with me
John Cahill >2 years
Uwoa where r u from?
Trâm >2 years
I want. can u help me?

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