How To Find The Right Employment Agency?

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At present, the job market is highly competitive. There are multiple talented job seekers, and so are the employers. In such condition, you may be thinking about taking the help of accounting recruiting firms at DC. However, how would you know that it is right for you? How will you find your next position through an employment agency?

A perfect employment agency depends on several factors, like work history of the candidate, his/her geographical location, flexibility, skill set, etc.

Here we tell you some tips to find the right recruiting firms which will help you connect with the top recruiters in your industry.

Do your homework

For choosing a recruiting firm, do the same research you would do for evaluating a candidate. Go through their LinkedIn profiles for the experience. Ideally, they should have experience in the area you want them to work in.

Traditional employment agency helps job seekers in finding work. Some firms charge the job seeker and others are paid by the employer. However, it is advisable to go with the agency that doesn’t charge the job seeker. Search firms or recruiting firms can be industry-specific, like banking, retailing, accounting, information technology, etc.

Interview them

Though you are a candidate, you should interview recruitment firms just like you would have done for employment. You may ask some questions from them, for example – Do you have candidates for my position already associated with your recruitment firm? How long will it take to find a suitable position?

Before you start your search, you should know about different types of employment agencies.

Search Firms:

Different types of recruitment firms

Contingency employment agency – A contingency agency is paid when their candidates are hired by the employers. These types of agencies good for low and mid-level searches and they typically send a large number of resumes to the employer.

Retained search firms – A retained search firm has maintained an exclusive relationship with employers. Search firms usually hire for senior-level searches, for a specific period to find a candidate for a job. They are paid for expenses and a percentage of joiner's salary.

Headhunter - Also known as recruiter or search consultant, a headhunter is a person that actually works on the job search. Sometimes job seekers are approached by a headhunter who tries to recruit them to apply for a new job.

Temporary agencies - Temp agencies find employees to fill temporary jobs, for example, work during a seasonal increase in business
These are some important things you must consider before signing up with a recruitment firm.

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