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Do you know, this morning i very angry with you. But probably not alone you make me angry that previously i were angry with mrs Thoa because she told much about an issue.

I'm sr u, ms Hanh!!

The bad day with me. I have a mistake, i know but i am afraid and i had silence. Now I'm regretting and sorting why i don't talk to her, miss Hanh.
I'm afraid when she make report and your data will be wrong.
I hope everything will be ok,please!

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You can Tell to me
me too


This time, I feel the life is nonsense to me. Unexpected family, disappointed in job. Maybe, my existance on this world at the moment only torment forget.

Ice.small >3 years
don't be so pessimistic. u should relax more, listen music or go out, chat with friend...in my mine that's so good

Strange feeling

i want see your smile everyday. I do not want any problems happen to you, because I do not want to see sad faces, worry on her face. I felt I did not help anything to her while she is doing is not all work.

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thank you for your advise. I will try to help her, only our superior assign too much work.
Song Pham >3 years
just try to help her, someday she will understand ^^
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