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54 useful words for job interview


Have a look guys ;) This list will be a great help for your next interview :)

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Dinh Phuong >3 years
maybe everyone is still in their thoughts to find the best solutions
Dinh Phuong >3 years
sure as u can


Anyone here has this tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon (TOT): the feeling when you fall to retrieve a word from your memory?

It is soooooo frustrating!! (P-()

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Dinh Phuong >3 years
yes we can have been seen in our ways
Huong Pham >3 years
It is driving me crazy :(( - with minhas
Dinh Phuong >3 years
yes sure in their thoughts
Song Pham >3 years
(:->), hehe, vietnamese foods are awesome!
Dinh Phuong >3 years
improving with more meanings
Dinh Phuong >3 years
u can see i ur ways
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