Written by VinVin- (vin007)

Hello everyone
Vin 4 days
inbox me - with Thanhthao Bui
Vin 4 days
inbox me - with Vũ Phòng
Vin 4 days
inbox me - with Ngọc Thiết Trần
Vin 4 days
inbox me - with Hồ Thị Tuyết La...
I want to learn English
Vũ Phòng 5 days
I want learn english
thuthao 5 days
i want to speak enlish fluency
i want speak english ^^
nice to meet u
Can you help me?
thanks. me
hj nice too meet u
Cuongleo 6 days
please, i very want learn english, can you help me?
Mr Brain 6 days
please help me
hoatre 7 days
i want speak english, help me!(:<<)
i really, really want to learn english. May you help me plz?
anhminh vy 7 days
I want to learn, can you help me plz
bich vuong 7 days
I really really want to learn English. Can you help me?
I want to learn English. Can you help me?
I want to improve my English very much, i love English
haudang 7 days
hii, Me too, I have whatapps. Can i join in?
Dinhnguyen 8 days
I very want to improve my english
Me. please
Vin 11 days
Everyone just inbox me youe whatsapp number i'll add you there.
Lê Long 11 days
Me, please add me
Anh Anh 12 days
me .
I want to join the group
yes inbox me
Bích Ngọc 12 days
inbox me ,
Lê Long 13 days
Inbox me
Vin 13 days
inbox me - with Tin Bui
Vin 13 days
inbox me - with Hải Võ Đức
How do i join?
Tin Bui 13 days
i want
thien ngyen 13 days
hello vin - with Vin
i want
Vin 14 days
Inbox me - with thien ngyen
thien ngyen 14 days
i want
Vin 14 days
Inbox me - with ruby
ruby 14 days
i want to lear, how do i join?
Vu Phu 14 days
i also want to learn english. how do i join your gr?
Vin 14 days
welcome - with duong hong loi
thanks you ,i am Air feels very inspiring !
cường 14 days
thank you
Vin 15 days
Hi - with Tran
Tran 15 days
Vin 15 days
WTF?? - with Zubysunia
Zubysunia 15 days
ok i don't care
Zubysunia 15 days
i am from viet nam(:~))
can you teach me?
Nikhila 15 days
shut up. This doesn't work.
peter 15 days
really. how do you teach? cheat?
tuan 15 days
you are consulting . are'nt you vin
Vin 15 days
inbox me - with Ngọc Nguyễn
great, but how? i want to join in your group. Thanks
Trung Le Van 15 days
please help me
Vin 15 days
What?? - with Nhàn Nguyễn
i think why we dont creat a group talk by english
Vin 16 days
Just inbox me now - with VUONG LE QUYEN
please i need your help
please help me to improve my english skill
anna 16 days
please help me
Vin 16 days
thanxx - with lethilien
lethilien 17 days
good idea
Vin 17 days
ok, just inbox me your number. - with Huy Mai
Scott 17 days
great ideal !
Huy Mai 17 days
hi, can you help me improve english?

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