i really want to speak English

Viết bởi will of godwill of god- (Willofgod)

Mia >3 years
I want really
Gemini217 >3 years
Fahad Iqbal >3 years
me too
mỹ gấu >3 years
Emily Rogers >3 years
I can help you
me too (:<<)
penhy >3 years
me too
hoa đỗ >3 years
me too. E of me very bad. who can help me ?(:()
smallpea >3 years
ok, hope that we can talk english on everyday^^
will of god >3 years
Thank you very much!!... I hope we will speak E together soon.
Someone would like training speaking english with brazilian please add me in the skype, my id is it.leandrogomes
Kim Ngân >3 years
nice to meet you
Hưng Hồ >3 years
hello! nice to meet you!
ntphuong0587 >3 years
hello everyone
Mint >3 years
I'm trying
i think you speak English very well
Mint >3 years
You can try in the http://www.hellochao.vn.i'm a member in this web and i think this web is very useful
me too! but I speak very bad english.
Van ChanLy >3 years
me too
Whats methods do you use for learning english?
Mint >3 years
with me

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