:I want to study English better

Viết bởi Vinh HeoVinh Heo- (VinhHeo)

you can add me in the Skype and we can train everyday, we can chat with text or video too, but in Brazil we have the time as problem, for example now is the launch time ha-ha.
I dont speak english fluently too, we can training togheter
phan hải >3 years
that right,how ?i also want to learning el..but i don't know how do
Vinh Heo >3 years
yah but now i can't speak E fluently. so sad
What is your id in the skype? I can add you and we can training our speaking
Yes!That a good ideal
We can create one group, you have skype?
Me too.
Hello I need learning more english, we can learning togather?
Mia >3 years
My name Mia,and you?
Mia >3 years
Now, we speack English together
KaiSoo MiMi >3 years
me too
caro >3 years
Me too, but how ?
Mia >3 years
Me too
Mio Ngân >3 years
me too

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