Nikhila- (kingking62525)

Gender: Female / Age: 23

Country: India

City: Agra

Member since 2016

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Who wanna argue with me? I love arguments and discussions.

Favourite friends
Phạm Thị Thu Hiền

Gender: Male / Age: 30

Country: Viet Nam


Gender: Female / Age: 24

Country: Viet Nam

nguyễn đăng phúc

Gender: Male / Age: 29

Country: Viet Nam


Gender: Female / Age: 33

Country: Viet Nam

hello Nikhila. i want to improve my english so i think i can help you learn to write and read vietnamese. i need you to help me learn english. thanks!
BinhVu ~1 year
Hi Nikhila, i think i can help you learn vietnamese and you help me learn english. add me on skype with nick name "vietbcom"
I ready help you!
Duc Toan ~1 year
i can help you in Vietnamese. We can exchange language together, and i know food and culture well, so i can share it to you. Add me !


Anyone wanna learn Hindi or need some help Hindi. I'm always ready to help you. HINDI is very interesting language with a melodious assent. And this is song for

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Kumar ~1 year
hi i want to learn hindi and i need to improve english can u help me

Looking for friends from the GLOBE

AGE: 16-19 (mostly preferred)
Sex: any sex except gays and lesbians
Nation: Any Nation.
All people of all ages are welcome, if and only if you really wanna make a friend and not a love.
Add me skype: [email protected]

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Hey you!
Hi Nikhila
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