Meo Miu- (lethingoan1234567)

Giới tính: Nữ / Tuổi: 25

Quốc gia: Viet Nam

Thành phố: Ho Chi Minh City

Tham gia từ 2015

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hi everybody! I am very glad to make friend with everyone!!!!!!!

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tuyet lan

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Quốc gia: Viet Nam

Anh Quân

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Quốc gia: Viet Nam

my pet


hi. Do you like pet? I think everyone should have 1 pet. it is very interesting.

25 Người Chọn Điều Này
anhcaheo >2 years
yes, I do, and I have a lot of pets( dogs, cats, fishes) :D
Gia Đình >3 years
I don't care - với Meo Miu

My Family

I can choose your friend, choose my love, choose my work but i can't choose my family. My family, my parents have only one. So i love them all. My parents always love me unconditional. I love you, my family !!!!!!!(:8>)(:3D)

17 Người Chọn Điều Này
pham duy anh >2 years
what is a meaningful thing it is
anhcaheo >2 years
Exactly! I hand up for you


I think in our life everyone want have a good life. I do too. the relatively short lifetime. i realy like make alot of friends. Because, when we have many many friend, we will happy, strongly and powerful. why? when you are sick, i will take care of you. when you are sad, I will always be with you. when you no money. Don't worry, i will lend you money....I want make friend with everyone!!!!!!!! Hello, hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:~))(:~))

20 Người Chọn Điều Này
Vô Danh >3 years
Waiting you some years more. I'll die soon @Meo Miu . Maybe I will the one who lend you money . Anyway, thanks for your enthusiasm (=dragon-dreaming=)
Đại Vĩ >3 years
You are very generously, if i have many money, i will go to shoping, will buy many food(:D)
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