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Just the way you are


Sometimes obviously you need to listen to others to adjust the behavior, to become mature. However, try not to lose yourself, because you're unique. Change to improve yourself not to be a copy.

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Minh Sang >3 years
(;)) - with Song Pham
Song Pham >3 years
I completely agree with you! (X-X) - with Minh Sang

New Macbook, fantastic!!!

Ultra-thin, so beautiful (8-})

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Song Pham >3 years
awesome!!! (:O)

Chúc mừng năm Ất Mùi!


Chúc mọi người một năm mới an khang thịnh vượng, vạn sự như ý, tấn tài tấn lộc (:8>)

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Be strong, my friend!


Honestly, humans don't fear death, they just fear seperation...

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