Good morning!!!- (Xem bài viết)

Good morning!!!


And now ... have a nice day!!! Love ya all (:3D)

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Minh Sang >3 years
Thanks Flora (:8>)
Flora >3 years
Hello! It's 9pm in my countrie (France) but I hope you'll pass a good day! :3

Morning exercises


Hardly wake up so early like this morning :)).
Let's do some exercises to warm up everybody, try any exercise that you can do (:8>)

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Song Pham >3 years
Tomorrow morning (L-))
Thomas >3 years
I'll try :))

To the Kitchen God


While being on an assignment for tomorrow appointment, I suddenly remember tomorrow is December 23rd on the Lunar Calendar and I forgot writing “Sớ Táo quân”. (L-))

Táo quân have origins of eastern countries, includes 3 gods: Thần Đất (Earth God), Thần Nhà (House God) and Thần bếp núc (Kitchen God). However, Táo quân is tentatively called as Kitchen God. Besides, “Sớ Táo quân” is a household letter which is believed to be sent to Jade Emperor God through the Kitchen God on the every twenty th...

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Film for Valentine's Day


Do you have any plan for Valentine’ Day? If you're still wondering what the most suitable place is for dating, why don’t you just stay at home to watch a movie with your lover and avoid the crowds? “Love actually” is highly recommended for this special occasion. In spite of being released in 2003, Love Actually always is voted as one of the most romantic comedies of all time. The movie is written and directed by Richard Curtis, who also wrote other two famous romantic comedies: "Four W...

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