Most Common Myths & Facts About Translation Service

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People from different industries often have misconceptions regarding translation services and the responsibilities of translators and interpreters. Most of the times, the professionals have to inform clients about the industry and explain their exact job roles. In fact, there are certain myths about translation services that keep on circulating year after year. There are many reputed and reliable companies that offer certified translation services. Quite unfortunately, the professionals of these companies too have to face a lot of problems due to the common myths. Here is a list of some of the most known myths and real facts about translation services -

Myth – Translators are able to translate any subject matter, provided the language of the text is known to them.

Fact – Translators specialize only in a few areas. Most often, these areas are related to each other. This enables them to keep a track of the ongoing trends of the industry and help them remain updated according to the market standards. It is customary for a reputed and efficient translator to work only on a specified project.

Myth – Knowing two or more languages lets you become a translator.

Fact – This is one of the most common myths that circulate outside the translation industry. Knowing two languages doesn't mean that the person is capable of translating those languages. The job of translation requires a specific skill set and knowledge of some standard rules.

Myth – Translating a text requires very little time and translators can deliver a translated project within a very short span of time.

Fact – Most often, clients believe that translation is an extremely easy task that can be completed in no time. Most of the times, professionals offering translation services have to make the clients aware of the fact that translators need a set time to complete a project successfully while maintaining the desired quality.

Myth – A native speaker turns out to be a better translator than a non-native one.

Fact – There is no guarantee that a person whose native language is French would be a better translator of French than one whose native language is something else. The job of translation requires a lot of study, discipline and constant practice. A native speaker may not possess all or even any one of these qualities that are essential to become a good translator.

Myth – Anyone with access to a special software and internet can offer certified translation services.

Fact – In-depth knowledge of the region, its dialect is essential, in addition to adequate experience and relevant qualifications to perform accurate interpreting services of high quality.

Many clients don’t know the real picture related to certified translation services and get influenced by these myths. It is essential for the professionals to make them see the real picture to help them appreciate the job these people are doing.

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