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Sometimes I feel tired...and just want a whole month doing not thing. Sometimes I am overloaded and don't know what to do, just do as people told me and feel nothing....Studying, partime job, club,...I wish I could have more time to do many things I want to....

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If there are 8 or 10 days a week, maybe I will have to work all 8 and 9 days, still have only 1 day to rest :)) So I like the 7-days week better
Đại Vĩ >3 years
You should wish there is 8 or 10 days a week because you will have many time rest than

Tongue Twister :O :O

Have you ever read some sentences that make your tongue twisted?
Try this one "A tidy tiger tied a tighter tie to tidy her tiny tail"
One more "If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?"
And here is the link for you to practice. Trust me, this is very interesting :3

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Yes there are a lot of version of it actually :))
Chief >3 years
talking about twisters(:->) The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.
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