Nguyen Lee- (NguyenLee)

Gender: Male / Age: 26

Country: Viet Nam

City: Da Lat

Member since 2016

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About me

Hi All !!
My name is Nguyen Le, i'm 24 year old and i'm single.
I come from LamDong Province, the place have a DaLat beautiful and the waether so cool.
A designer so i need English for my job. I had learning English a long time ago, but my speaking skill still not good. I want learning and speaking English with everyone.
I hope someone will teach me more. Thanks.
Nice to meet you!!

Favourite friends
Queen Lam

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Country: Viet Nam


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Nguyễn Văn Tây

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Do it now!!

Maybe, someone want to develop Eng skill like me , so why we don't practical together

It's Title

Almost people hope that we can find something on this site. Something help inprove our Eng skill, maybe it's a topic, this place can share about yourself and about myself, and at here we can learn something from another people: new words, setence or grammar. it's really exciting. That's right??. Or maybe we can find someone learn Eng together. So what do you find?
I remember the day i'm a newbie, i really enjoy it. too much topic can help me develop my skill and i have more...

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4 People Hand Up This
Dream >2 years
ya, there are many ways to learn. let's choose a suitable method for each other.(:~)) - with Nguyen Lee
Nguyen Lee >2 years
Thanks - chinhnguyen - it's that all everything we need. The sharing, we can get lesson from your share, our share. My mean is this way to learn Eng, it's really good, right? we need more people like you. 'Cause learn Eng have too much way to learn, If we know much more, we will learn better ... - with Dream

Hey guys, I need your help!!

I had learning Eng a long time ago, but my Eng skills still not good. I don't know why. May be i have't interested in it.
So, What makes you motivated to learn English?
Please help me, i need it. (=dragon-cry=)

2 People Hand Up This
Nguyen Lee >2 years
i think so, too - with văn kiểm Nguyễn
if you don't have passion you can't do that well , let's help yourself , nobody can help except you . good luck!! (:~))
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