No one wants to be friends with me yet?

Written by Cat. mdCat. md- (

looks cool and stylish(;))
why do you say that?
Nicky Sanchez >3 years
I will be friends with anyone on this website
Vishaal >3 years
Please connect to my skype id : borntolove1987
Tori Eanes >3 years
I will!(:D)
Hunterrr >3 years
Hey whats up??gona rock..
Kentu Pham >3 years
i want
jaycee >3 years
hi there
Cat. md >3 years
i come from Vietnam ^^
杨 富国 >3 years
where are you from?
Cat. md >3 years
杨 富国 >3 years
nice to meet you
杨 富国 >3 years
Cat. md >3 years
pham doan >3 years
Văn Hào >3 years
U're great, i wanna make friend with U ^^ hope U can reple me!
Cat. md >3 years
Hi - with pal
pal >3 years
Hamza Fqr >3 years
Hii pretty
Cat. md >3 years
hello! i'm, tks. ^^
Kim Ngân >3 years
hi, how are you
Cat. md >3 years
Shashi Kaanth >3 years
Cat. md >3 years
me too
kyte >3 years
hello , nice too meet u
Cat. md >3 years
amazingly pretty
ur looking sooo
hey cat
Cat. md >3 years
tks, me too!
i want to say " hello " nice too meet you !
minhtran >3 years
You look really cute <3 can we become friend?
Ngoc Anh >3 years
oh, make friend
Cat. md >3 years
i'm fine. Tks :) - with Song Pham
Song Pham >3 years
how are you ^^

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