Arnie D. Ace- (OceanWave)

Gender: Male / Age: 21

Country: India

City: Calcutta

Member since 2016

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"We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak."

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Song Pham

Gender: Male / Age: 28

Country: Viet Nam


Gender: Male / Age: 28

Country: Viet Nam

Nhật Khánh

Gender: Male / Age: 14

Country: Viet Nam

Hoang Bao

Gender: Male / Age: 21

Country: Viet Nam

Châu Ngọc 17 days
I want to study english
Hoang Bao 28 days
good,still keep moving on in english :v - with Arnie D. Ace
Arnie D. Ace ~1 month
It's going okay so far :) Exams around the corner, so a 'little' stressed :)) - with Dan nguyen
Dan nguyen ~1 month
haha yes along time, more and more thing i have , you're study well? - with Arnie D. Ace

Faces of Facebook

Have you ever wondered how would it look if you want to see all Facebook users' profile pics at once? This website : shows you just that. It's still in the development stage but you can still see so many Facebook profiles all at once :D If you're lucky, you can find your profile and your friends' too within this plethora of profile pictures :D

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Have you heard about Quora?

One of my favorite websites is

It is broadly known as a question-answer/knowledge sharing site, but you can do much more here. You can answer questions/discuss topics which you feel confident about, meet new people, have chat with them, follow your celebrities etc. Those of us who are learning English, we can start by reading answers given by other Quora users. It's a great place to learn about contemporary it social, political, sports and what people ar...

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