Arnie D. Ace- (OceanWave)

Gender: Male / Age: 21

Country: India

City: Calcutta

Member since 2016

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"We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak."

Favourite friends
Song Pham

Gender: Male / Age: 29

Country: Viet Nam


Gender: Male / Age: 28

Country: Viet Nam

Nhật Khánh

Gender: Male / Age: 14

Country: Viet Nam

Hoang Bao

Gender: Male / Age: 21

Country: Viet Nam


What are the things that you enjoy doing the most during the weekends? Hanging out with friends (Movies/Music concert/Shopping/Coffee)? Traveling ? Serving other people (like children and senior citizens via NGO/social service)? Or just staying at home and having quality time with your family? Anything else (might be rare but interesting to you!)?

I like watching movies(with friends or online) and traveling within my city (cycling/public transport). How about you? :D

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Hoang Bao 12 days
learning 2 foreign language!!!my favorite <3
yen 12 days
oh yeah see you again - with Arnie D. Ace
Châu Ngọc ~1 month
I want to study english
Hoang Bao 2 months
good,still keep moving on in english :v - with Arnie D. Ace
Arnie D. Ace 2 months
It's going okay so far :) Exams around the corner, so a 'little' stressed :)) - with Dan nguyen
Dan nguyen 2 months
haha yes along time, more and more thing i have , you're study well? - with Arnie D. Ace

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