Optimizing Your Workflow

Written by Song PhamSong Pham- (songpham)


One thing I keep asking myself: “How can I work more efficiently?” Efficient workflows are hard to obtain and even harder to keep efficient. Everyone has the tendency to fall into ruts which end up costing more time. The ruts are “comfortable” because they are what you are already doing. They turn into a trap. Therefore, I am going to remind you to re-examine your workflow with some advice on optimization.

All workflows are separable into two basic functions: a process phase and a documentation phase. The process phase is what you do to get things done, while the documentation phase is the never-ending process of documenting that which you have done. I have found out through the years that the documentation phase is as important as doing the work. Later, when a question arises about what I did or how the work went, good documentation will save the day...

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