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Knowing more than one language is essential nowadays. It not only helps you to communicate with people around the World, but it also gives you a great advantage when seeking a career in the job market. However, learning a new language is not an easy process. In order to get the best achievement, you need to have a proper preparation before starting learning. Here are some suggestions for you to make a good preparation:

Choose a language:
First, you should begin by choosing which foreign language you will learn. This choice should be based on your interest and your reasons for learning the language. For instance, if you would like to communicate with many people, you should choose common languages such as English or Mandarin Chinese. Besides, it will be easier for you to study a language that is similar to your native language. For example, if your native language is English, you will learn languages that use Latin alphabet such as Spanish or French more quickly than some hieroglyphics like Thai or Japanese.

The way of learning:
After choosing a language, you should decide how you are going to learn it. You may choose to study at home on your own, to have individual lessons or to attend language courses. In addition, you should organize your schedule so that you can have enough time to practice the new language every day. If you have a busy schedule, you should try to make good use of your spare time such as learning some new vocabularies while being on the a bus.

Material and tools
The next step is looking for some necessary materials. There are many sources of materials such as books, CD-rooms and websites. You can ask your teachers and your friends or look at discussions on the Internet about the useful materials. Moreover, you will also need some helpful tools to support your study. To give you some examples, you will need highlighted markers to highlight new vocabularies or stick notes to note down important points.

Opportunities to practice:
It is said that practice makes perfect. You need to find opportunities to practice the new language as much as possible. In order to make it easier and more relaxing, you can try practice the new language through many exciting activities such as watching movies or listening to music in the foreign language, talking with native speakers and visiting their country. Let’s try to look at all the opportunities you can get, and then decide which ones are suitable for you.

        Besides some suggestions here, you can ask your friends or your teachers for more advices. One important thing is that you should keep your patience and determination, since learning a new language is a difficult process. The journey may be tough, but the results will be worth it.

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