Lam Ruby- (Rubylam25)

Giới tính: Nữ / Tuổi: 26

Quốc gia: Viet Nam

Thành phố: Ho Chi Minh City

Tham gia từ 2015

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Baking cake


Hello everybody!
Im Ruby,my dream is becoming a professional pastry chef..i really wanna make friends with people all over the world,specially who interested in baking cake and cooking.I would like to practise English and share everything about food....Please message me....(sorry very much if my English is not good)...Thanks all..

4 Người Chọn Điều Này
Chief >3 years
best of luck
Song Pham >3 years
oh, of course i don't know, however i appreciate people who can make that (:D)
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