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AirDrive Serial Logger

Wireless. Innovative. Smart.

The AirDrive Serial Logger is a small serial as well as RS-232 logging tool, just 2.4" (61mm) in length. It can be accessed with any type of Wi-Fi device such as a computer system, laptop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.


The AirDrive Serial Logger Pro is a boosted version of the AirDrive Serial Logger, with added connection alternatives. It functions both as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a...

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MorphStick Keyboard 2 Ethernet ,MorphStick Ethernet 2 Keyboard

Clever converter for keyboards and barcode readers

The MorphStick Keyboard Tap 2 Ethernet is a compact network device, capable of converting USB keyboard or USB barcode reader data to Ethernet packets. It taps onto a USB connection between the computer and USB device, captures the transmitted data frames, and sends them as UDP datagrams in a user configurable format.


The MorphStick Keyboard Host 2 Ethernet is a ...

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How you can Safeguard Yourself Versus Keylogger Software application

The explosion of the world-wide-web enables us to do every little thing with our computer systems. We can currently talk as well as send out mail to service affiliates immediately, as well as connect with friends and family that are halfway throughout the world. It also enables us to do buying and financial without having to leave residence. Unfortunately, the very same thing exposes us to the danger of having our personal information or identity stolen. One way that cyber offenders use to obtai...

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Ways To Find Keylogger on Your COMPUTER? - Obtaining the very best Keylogger Scan

Do you wish to find out how you can locate keylogger programs on your computer as well as get rid of them fast? Keylogger malicious program is among the largest safety and security hazard today and is the cause of a lot of identification burglary situations. This article will provide a quick description of keyloggers, just how they are spread as well as exactly what is the fastest means to remove them.


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