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6 Types of Scarves Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe


Be it a casual outing or business meeting, there is a scarf for every occasion. Scarves are awesome accessories that complement your overall look. Warm and stylish, they can instantly add a charm to your outfit.
However, before your purchase scarves online in India, we inform you about different types of scarves you must have in your wardrobe.

Cotton scarf
Cotton is the most reliable fabric for summers and monsoons. No matter, how warm o...

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Importance of 12 CBSE Sample Papers in Competitive Exams


A lot has been written on the importance of solving NEET, AIPMT and JEE sample papers while preparing for these exams papers but did you know that solving class 12 CBSE sample papers is as much essential for the thorough preparation of these competitive examinations? Yes! These sample papers must form an essential part of your JEE and NEET preparation. Here is why these are so important:

1. Strengthen the Basics

The NEET/ JEE syllabus is more or less the same as that included in CBSE class...

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The discussion on GST has been incessant ever since its introduction on 1st July 2017. A lot has been said, written, analyzed, over-analyzed on almost every platform. The reaction to the new tax regime has been a mixed bag full. There have been a host of issues pertaining to Input tax credit matching, refunds, a different interpretation of the law to name a few.

The government on its part has proactively tried hard to remove impediments and address challenges for the industry at large. It ha...

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Why Should You Consider Upgrading Your MS-Office Suite?


When it comes to enhancing the productivity, no application is better than Microsoft Office. The application is probably the most popular application across the globe. Numerous professionals use all the programs in the office suite on a daily basis which indicates the effectiveness of the application. If you have been using the older versions of the application, then you may consider upgrading the application to the latest version. There are many advantages of the same. But let’s first see how ...

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