Happy is exchanged for a lot of tears!- (Xem bài viết)

Sleeping Beauty


I used to think that dreams do not come true, but this quickly changed the moment I laid my eyes on you. (=dragon-ilikethis=)

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hungnguyen >3 years
Do you have nick zalo or viber or Facebook? - với Rasel Ahmed
rufus nathan >3 years
+hi! lam quen nha ban ? muon tim ban vn hop y qua my chung. di dong 0912 454 832 la so zalo cua dung, han hanh lam quen
Salala >3 years
Nixon >3 years
If he is smart, cute and nice be careful, he will steal ur heart(=)))

Be stronger...!!!


Somewhere there’s someone who dreams of my smile(=dragon-kill=)(=dragon-hehe=)

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Salala >3 years
(=dragon-hahayouarefine=) keep calm & cool
I do
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