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From today I can not hug laptop to watch movies anymore. I have too much work to do. I hope the time passed quickly. Goodbye Korean Drama

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Song Pham >3 years
oh, (=poc-cry=)


In anyone's life can be difficult problems, but fight or give up your choice.

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Sally >3 years
You try (:D)
Nhat Hoa >3 years
I will to try overcome difficult.


Since childhood I have enjoyed watching football because my father was a great fan of this sport. I started watching World cup in 1994. At that time I did not understand anything. My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. I like him because he plays very well and he's very handsome. He really looks like playboy but I think he is a good person. (:UO))

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Song Pham >3 years
of course, everyone likes Ronaldo, me too!!!
mahdi >3 years
Ronaldo is good man because he help to other people.


I hate Monday. I have a Sunday with many recreational activities. It was fun but also made me exhausted. So Monday morning I wake up and feel tired. I can not work well when I was still sleepy. Haiza

Nhat Hoa >3 years
you are trying
ariboy hardja >3 years
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