Sameh Bouali- (sameh6)

Gender: Male / Age: 20

Country: Tunisia

City: Sousse

Member since 2015

Interested In Female learning friend

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Phạm Nguyễn Gia ANh

Gender: Female / Age: 18

Country: Viet Nam

Đình Đình

Gender: Female / Age: 22

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Gender: Female / Age: 23

Country: Viet Nam


Gender: Female / Age: 26

Country: United States



Hello , i'm from Tunsia 17 years old, i want to know some foreigners friends and also we can help each other to practice english :)(:~))

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Sameh Bouali >3 years
hi :) - with Tường Vi
Sameh Bouali >3 years
hi - with Trần Khoa

nice :)

Hello, i think that i'm good in english and i want to help others so who wants to improve his english language he can contact me :)

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hoc tran >3 years
hi, me too so that we are try to say with foreigns for english better - with Bích Ngọc
Min Ngô >3 years
Nice to meet you



(:~))hey, i'm looking for an english speaking partner so he can help me and i can help him to learn english, anybody here??

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quynh >3 years
do you have skype address? - with Sameh Bouali
Mint >3 years
I live in Vietnam
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