Sandeep Sharma- (Sharry)

Gender: Male / Age: 22

Country: India

City: Delhi

Member since 2016

Interested In Female native speaker

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About me

Proud to be a Highlander..!!

Favourite friends

Gender: Female / Age: 20

Country: Viet Nam

Ash Bloodhound

Gender: Male / Age: 20

Country: India

Ngô Ngọc

Gender: Female / Age: 29

Country: Viet Nam

nguyễn thị hồng

Gender: Female / Age: 16

Country: Viet Nam

hello i want someone to chat with me , you can help me ?
hello chat with me
lovesyouel 3 months
KennyDao 1 day
hi! nice photo! Hello Can I Help Me Subscribe My Channel. Thanks You!
It's quite impressive , can you tell me where is it?
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