Sandeep Sharma- (Sharry)

Gender: Male / Age: 22

Country: India

City: Delhi

Member since 2016

Interested In Female native speaker

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About me

Proud to be a Highlander..!!

Favourite friends

Gender: Female / Age: 20

Country: Viet Nam

Ash Bloodhound

Gender: Male / Age: 19

Country: India

Ngô Ngọc

Gender: Female / Age: 29

Country: Viet Nam

nguyễn thị hồng

Gender: Female / Age: 16

Country: Viet Nam

lovesyouel ~1 month
hello you
Toàn 12 days
Hi..I want learn english. Can you help me..thank you
nguyen thuy 11 days
nice to joij you
nguyen thuy 11 days
hi everyone i'm new member
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