Tyson Ryle 6 days
That cute dog ♥
The dog is cute, can you tell me the name?
hello everybody(:~))
helen grace 11 days
my name is Mrs. Helen Grace I am a Medical Doctor. From united state of America. Am supportive and caring, looking forward to get a nice friend. If you will like to establish mutual friendship with me. Please let continue our conversation here on my private email address (halehgrace@gmail.com) I will introduce myself better and send you my picture as soon as i receive your mail, Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Khoa Tăng 14 days
Hey you
i like it
Luynhda 29 days
I love this photo
well thank you ..!! - with Thu
Thu 3 months
Your dog is very lovely!!!(:-X)
Pé Su 4 months
thanh nguyen 5 months
thank you .!! - with Nguyenthanhhang
thank you - with minhchien phan
TON UYEN THAI 6 months
yes. i can
Huỳnh Liên 6 months
Phương Cao 6 months
your dog is a pretty...(:UO))
hello i want someone to chat with me , you can help me ?
hello chat with me
Phạm Trang 6 months
What a lovely dog!!(=Dog=)
i love your dog :)
hanifa 6 months
Hello greetings, My name is hanifa, i saw your profile and it drew my attention to write to you. I would like you to communicate me through my e-mail address (hanifaabdel1@hotmail.com) for more about me
nguyen 6 months
the dog is very lovely
So cute..
Nghi Lê 6 months
Hello. The dog is very cute
your dog is cute
Trantu 6 months
your dog is cool(:~))
I love you(:-X)
Thanh Vy 6 months
Thanh Vy 6 months
hi gúy
handsome boys
leesin123 6 months
dog so beautiful :)
Linh 6 months
Bui Hong Quan 6 months
Your dog is cool
NEE 7 months
Your dog is so cute, i want to touch him
Moon Moon 7 months
Your dog is cool. The dos have curious eyes.
hoang thanh 7 months
i like you ân
hoang thanh 7 months
nice to see you - with duyên
Ánh Ân 7 months
I love the dog
duyên 7 months
Yes, i'm here
Hey, Do you know english? I'm 17 years old. I want to make a conversation to some foreigner to improve my english skill. Can you help me handsome boy ? =)
illuminati 8 months
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Look what the dog has a beautiful little dog what kind
max sex 8 months
so handsome
a cute dog ?
wow is verry goog
Alfi D 8 months
cute dog
Nguyễn Nga 8 months
u have a cute dog? what's kind?
Sang huynh 8 months
so handsome
Huỳnh Hảo 8 months
yes, you are right, 3 dogs - with jigster213
jigster213 8 months
3 dogs!
Trinh Thi Man 8 months
Diep Anh Bui 9 months
Hà Tyty 9 months
hello,I'd very much like to meet you .(:~))
Thảo Vũ 9 months
(:8>) i like your dog
Minh Nguyệt 9 months
Mai Kiên 9 months
Hi - with fatima
Huy Nguyen 9 months
fatima 9 months
hi friend,i am miss Fatima and here is my address[missyfatima111@gmail.com] please contact me there so that i can send u my picture and tell you more about me.thanks
did you know 9 months
so cute
I like your dog ! It's so cute
dog cute :))
Vân Vũ 9 months
Nice dog :)
Hà Phương 9 months
ngoc yến 9 months
Peanut 9 months
It's cool
Ngo Anh 9 months
i lke dog (:D)
Lê Hưng 9 months
woa, b612
Hoài Hoàng 9 months
Ngo Hau 9 months
Vu Lananh 9 months
Vu Lananh 9 months
Vu Lananh 9 months
TVP 9 months
u too
karry 9 months
oa handsome, two people are the same, what country, so beautiful dog, i love dogs a lot
jacky 9 months
hello chat with me
dipaliakshat 9 months
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Long Tran 9 months
nice tameetcha
hi guy :)
I want the dog (:D)
Ngan 9 months
hi so nice guys
asdfg 9 months
heyyy.... - with Phan Nguyen Ngo...
Le Sy Thanh 9 months
Shadow Girl 9 months
i love that dog , it very lovely !
yen 9 months
i like dog lol
Yến Nhi 9 months
So handsome
what a nice dog ! i like hí dog
Nikhila 9 months
Perfect Click guys.(X-X)
you're handsome, it really. may i familiar to you
Tuyet Hong Le 9 months
hi, nice to meet you

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