To be with you- (Xem bài viết)

Song Pham >2 years
oh, thanks, let me check it ^^
I like song of Justin Bieber...good song

Actually i heard that many people used "based off" ^^


"You can build a structure around a center, but bases go on the bottom of things, so you can’t base something around something else. Similarly, you can build something off of a starting point, but you can’t base anything off of anything. Something is always based on something else." (%))

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kenzj >2 years
hey guy
i think that saying is easy but doing is difficult. but you should try your best ! :)
Cuong Pham >2 years
i love this song, is has a positive effect on my psychology
Song Pham >2 years
Hehe, i often heard that song while i was going across some coffee shop in my city - với Hoa Tuyet
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