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Business Skills for Freelancers

I know lots of independent developers: hell, I am one! What's more, if there's one thing they don't have that they didn't understand the amount of time and vitality they'd need to give to themselves as a business when they began.

In case will be a successful freelancer you should have the capacity to deal with your own profession like some other business. Alright so your business may not look much like a major enterprise: there's no CEO, no shareholders and stan...

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Hey, quick question

quick question
Hey, do you think we need to study a car driver's license in Viet Nam? What are the benefits? Actually I don't have a car, do i need it for future? (=Dizzy=)

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Song Pham >3 years
Thanks Ellen, car in Vietnam is very expensive, that's why i should think about it ^^. Maybe i study that for renting a car in future (=poc-hehe=)
Song Pham >3 years
Thanks Thai Anh for letting me know - với Thai Anh
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