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Tham gia từ 2015

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Japan Increases Investment in Vietnam in Finance and Services

Japanese investors have switched from setting up business in Vietnam in manufacturing into financial investment, retail.



In Vietnam, like other countries companies seeking to build an office building or industrial facility work with the contractor through a construction contract.

There are several types of construction contract used in the construction industry depending on the level of control from parties involved in terms of investment, responsibilities and duration.

Fixed price is a type of construction contract that offer a total fixed priced for all construction related activities. This contract type c...

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Forms of Company to be Set-up in Vietnam


According the Vietnam Law on Enterprises, there are four common types of companies:

Private enterprise is an enterprise owned by an individual who is liable for all of its operations with his/her entire property;
Partnership is an enterprise in which (i) there are at least two partners who are co-owners of the company, jointly conduct business under one common name; in addition to general partners, there may also be limited partners; (ii) general partners to a partnership must be individuals...

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Conditional Investment Sectors and Investment Conditions in Vietnam


When setting up a trading company in Vietnam, beside other conditions, the foreign investors have to prove experience in trading area. Areas such as banking, financial services, real estate, security services will require minimum investment. Foreign investment lawyers should be consulted for advice on investment licensing matters.

In general, foreign investors making investment in Vietnam are encouraged. However, there are areas although not prohibited, but are “conditional” areas includi...

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