Text me if you want to Chat with me in English .!!

Written by Sandeep SharmaSandeep Sharma- (Sharry)

Hi all ! i want to a question , how to impvore English Speaking and Writing skill ?
you real so handsome
nice to meet you too! i
Vân Vũ 1 day
Hello, my name is Van, i'm a new member, nice to talk with you :)
Hello, I am NiNi, very glad to meet you!
Ngo Anh 2 days
it's me...i need you help about english for me.....(T_T) i'm very bad about my english !
hi ,
hey man
hi you
jacky 4 days
huy hoàng 5 days
asdfg 6 days
hyyyyyyyyyyyyy - with Cherry
Cherry 6 days
Test. Not text
Ngan 6 days
hangsmile 6 days
handsome ^^
Hong 7 days
add me . welcome
can we speak english together to improving
Yumi 8 days
hello, boy
hello , i need you teach me how to speak english , can you hepl me ?
hi, i want you teach me, please
Yến Nhi 9 days
Speaking skills. Please teach me
Ly Em 9 days
hello, i want you teach me
Hello i wanna speak E. can you help me?
Mũ Rơm 10 days
Hi guy! I'm new. let's make friend.
Thuan Lexuan 10 days
let's make friends :)) I really like to talk with English speaker :))
So cool
lucas 10 days
hello.we improve english together
Like :)
khiid drxppy 11 days
your sexy
cương 11 days
how are you today?
Jaden Cruz 11 days
you got swag
i wanna talk to you to improve my english, are you ok ?(;))
louis 12 days

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