Text me if you want to Chat with me in English .!!

Viết bởi Sandeep SharmaSandeep Sharma- (Sharry)

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Carol O'Brien ~1 tháng
nice to meet you too
Carol O'Brien ~1 tháng
Tuyền Minh ~1 tháng
Nice to meet you
Tuyền Minh ~1 tháng
Hello, i from vietnam.
Tyson Ryle ~1 tháng
:) Hi
hello, i from vietnam. i want to learn english
Huynh Thanh Hai ~1 tháng
Im Vietnamese
hi. nice to meet you
Huong ~1 tháng
help me, help me
tran van mai ~1 tháng
can you help me
tran van mai ~1 tháng
my vocabulary is a little. i don't know
Duy Nguyen ~1 tháng
i really want to talk with you
Logan Gageby ~1 tháng
i want to
Do Giao Linh ~1 tháng
me too
I want to chat english too. Can you send me your facebook we can chat by english together.
Lily ~1 tháng
hi, I want to chat in English (;))
helen grace ~1 tháng
my name is Mrs. Helen Grace I am a Medical Doctor. From united state of America. Am supportive and caring, looking forward to get a nice friend. If you will like to establish mutual friendship with me. Please let continue our conversation here on my private email address (halehgrace@gmail.com) I will introduce myself better and send you my picture as soon as i receive your mail, Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
seaseale ~1 tháng
I want to chat with you in English
Thanh Trâm ~1 tháng
hello (=8>) I want to chat with you English
Quốc Dũng ~1 tháng
Hello. i wanna chat with you.ok
Nhung hexi 3 months
Thu Thúy 3 months
Thiên Bình 3 months
ok.if you want to do it
diep 3 months
i do
Tú Tê Tê 3 months
I really want to so text me, please
sbm abm 4 months
wwhat - với Nguyễn Thúy Cần
hello, my name is Cần, i'm come from Việt Nam. So i want to improve my skill.Can you help me ?
Yta Nhu 4 months
Thanh Mỹ 4 months
Can do you help me learn English?
Huệ sharon 4 months
i want to
K-Thuong 4 months
hi can you help me. how are you?
Text me if you want to talk to me :)
Gayatri Lmaba 5 months
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Than Van Hien 5 months
Hello! Nice to meet you
Help me speak english - với Sandeep Sharma
can i have a video chat with you
Preet Kaur 6 months
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Preet Kaur 6 months
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hi - với Hà Tyty
hi - với Nguyễn Thị Hườn...
kya no bhosdi k ?? agli kudh keh ve wow, handsome (;)) - với Asshi Yadav
hi - với Nini Nguyen
what makes you laugh mate...!! - với Lime
your case is same with me :D
hi - với khiid drxppy
hi - với Phạm Thùy Dương
hi - với Mũ Rơm
Ha Nguyen 6 months
hi nice to meet you
thanh nguyen 6 months
hi.. i wanna talk to u!
Hân Huỳnh 6 months
ancil 6 months
jatin 6 months
hello bro
hey guy
Maii Kim 6 months
shawty 6 months
you can hmu boo
Rooney 6 months
hi Sandeep Sharma
sing sing 7 months
Miyano Shiho 7 months
i want chat with you .if you agree
Yen ha 7 months
Hi sandeep sharma,
hì guy.
ThuThuy 7 months
Hi you
hi there
Duc Toan 7 months
i want to make a friend with you
Duc Toan 7 months
hi sharry
can you sent for me your Skype account and then we can talk english together
niceto meet you
KennyDao 7 months
Mai Phương 7 months
hi! nice photo!
Khương Dự 7 months
hello please chat with me!!!
Anna 9 months
i'm agree 😊
Lua Victoria 9 months
Thuhoa96 9 months
We can chat together in free time, are you agree?
Dat Lam 9 months
hế lô - với Phạm Thị Như Uy...
Can i chatting with u , now ?(:~))
hello.. we can learn english together? - với Toàn
hello you
Toàn 9 months
Hi..I want learn english. Can you help me..thank you
Smile KT 9 months
add me plead
duc truong 9 months
trần linh 9 months
terry2 9 months
Danh Đại 10 months
Kem Dâu 10 months
hello, I'm Vietnamese girl
Lê Quân 10 months
Lai Thi Tuoi 10 months
Phúc Huỳnh 10 months
hi bro
Thuy Hanh 10 months
Nguyễn Xinh 10 months
Thi Lâm 10 months
he is handsome
do you have a fb account ? i want to chat with you in E
Lý Hoàng Sang 10 months
hello Sandeep sharma
Diep Anh Bui 10 months
Hi. Iam an english leaner
Hello ?
Moon 10 months
Hà Tyty 10 months
ngan 10 months
Hi. Can we talk by Eng.? (:~))
phuong 10 months
Bùi văn An 10 months
Anh Nguyễn 10 months
hi nice to meet you
officevn amado 10 months
uhm nobody want to chat
thơmtiểuthư 10 months
Ai dạy tiếng anh cho mk ddkk
Eco Dan 10 months
diệp 10 months
hi .can you help me?lets talk to me
nga 10 months
can u help me? i want to learn english
ulgy man, but so cute
THANH TAM 10 months
Yes, I want to learn English
Nguyễn Oanh 10 months
Can you help me?
Nguyễn Oanh 10 months
I want to learn English
i'm very fun to chat with you
Lime 10 months
cute asf
Lime 10 months
You are handsome man !
Vivi Cao 10 months
hana 10 months
Asshi Yadav 10 months
Phạm Sơn Nam 10 months
Huyen Ngoc 10 months
so handsome
Oanh ShuShi 10 months
handsome <3
Daisy 10 months
you are so handsome (:~))
Vu Le Minh 10 months
Vu Le Minh 10 months
let's chat
Hi all ! i want to a question , how to impvore English Speaking and Writing skill ?
you real so handsome
nice to meet you too! i
Vân Vũ 10 months
Hello, my name is Van, i'm a new member, nice to talk with you :)
Nini Nguyen 10 months
Hello, I am NiNi, very glad to meet you!
Ngo Anh 10 months
it's me...i need you help about english for me.....(T_T) i'm very bad about my english !
Thúy Hường 10 months
hi ,
hey man
Phuong Thao 10 months
hi you
jacky 10 months
huy hoàng 10 months
pham thanh thao 10 months
asdfg 10 months
hyyyyyyyyyyyyy - với Cherry
Cherry 10 months
Test. Not text
Ngan 10 months
hangsmile 10 months
handsome ^^
Hưng Phan Bá 10 months
Hong 10 months
Bui Ngoc Trinh 10 months
add me . welcome
can we speak english together to improving
Yumi 10 months
hello, boy
Shadow Girl 10 months
hello , i need you teach me how to speak english , can you hepl me ?
hi, i want you teach me, please
Yến Nhi 10 months
Speaking skills. Please teach me
Ly Em 10 months
hello, i want you teach me
Thảo Nguyễn 10 months
Hello i wanna speak E. can you help me?
Thanh Nhàn 10 months
Mũ Rơm 10 months
Hi guy! I'm new. let's make friend.
Thuan Lexuan 10 months
let's make friends :)) I really like to talk with English speaker :))
So cool
lucas 10 months
hello.we improve english together
Like :)
khiid drxppy 10 months
your sexy
cương 10 months
how are you today?
Jaden Cruz 10 months
you got swag
quanglkhp1995 11 months
i wanna talk to you to improve my english, are you ok ?(;))
quanglkhp1995 11 months
louis 11 months

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