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hi all, talk to me and we will learn English together.


About me

My name is Tino. I live in Ho Chi Minh city and I working for a software company.
Nice to meet you! and I really happy talk to you. So, Let follow my page and talk to me.

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Vocabulary: The Weather

  1. Sun: mặt trời
  2. Sunny: trời nắng
  3. partly cloudy: có mây rải rác (dùng cho ban đêm)
  4. sun and rain: có nắng và mưa
  5. rainy: trời mưa
  6. storm: bão
  7. snow: tuyết
  8. snowy: trời có tuyết rơi
  9. cloudy: trời có mây
  10. wind: gió
  11. rainbow: cầu vòng
  12. tornado: lóc xoáy
  13. clear: trời xanh trong (không mây, không sương mù)
  14. sleet: trời có mưa và tuyết.
  15. hail: mưa đá, mưa tuyết
  16. fog: sương mù
  17. foggy: có sương mù
  18. frost: sương giá
  19. thunder: sấm sét
  20. ...
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Tino >2 years
What's thing? - with thien hieu
thien hieu >2 years
Why didn't u connect two things?

What's the weather like in your country? Which season do you like? - with Ornob


I'm Tino. I live in the south of Vietnam where have only 2 seasons: Rain and Dry.
The rain season usually from June to November, it rains a lot and wet. In this time, it usually have hurricane and thunderstorm. So, you need to be careful when you go outside because the rain might cause thunder or lightning, you cannot use a phone, under the tree and no umbrella. Thankfully, the rain season it's good for crops.
The dry season, it's very hot. The temperature it's about 36-40...

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Ornob >2 years
'Theoretically', our country has 6 seasons. They are: Summer, Monsoon(Rain), Autumn, Pre-Winter, Winter and Spring. Currently Autumn and Pre-Winter seasons are difficult to realize/feel. Broadly we have Summer, Monsoon, Winter and Spring
thien hieu >2 years
this year,the rain is too late,so the weather is to hot.i hope that it will be soon in these days

Phrases 1: for a job


1. Which university did you graduate from?
2. I graduated from ABC university.
3. What's your major? Is your major Information Technology?
4. When did you graduate Information Technology Department?
5. I graduated last year.
6. When did you graduate from college?
7. I graduated from college in 2010.
8. When will you graduate?
9. I will graduate this coming July.
10. Where did you attend university?
11. In Ho Chi Minh city.
12. What year are you in?
13. I am senior/t...

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Tino >2 years
I agree with you. - with Ornob
Ornob >2 years
17. I suppose 'my' strong point is that I like developing new ideas. 18. I have experience 'in designing' website for 3 years.

Recruitment - part 1 (Tuyển dụng 1)

1. Interview: cuộc phỏng vấn, sự phỏng vấn.
2. Interviewer: người phỏng vấn.
3. Interviewee: người được phỏng vấn.
4. Position: vị trí
5. Opening: phần mở đầu, khai mạc
6. Apply: nộp đơn, đăng ký
7. Applicant: người dự tuyển
8. Application: sự nộp đơn
9. Permanent: dài hạn, lâu dài.
10. Full-time: toàn thời gian
11. Employ: thuê
12. Employee: nhân viên, người làm thuê
13. Employer: ông chủ
14. Employment: công việc, sự thuê người làm công.
15. Major: lớn, chủ yếu

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Tino >2 years
Let make some sentences for these words. (=dragon-ohno=)
:) thanks!
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