Trần Trang- (thaotrang)

Giới tính: Nữ / Tuổi: 24

Quốc gia: Viet Nam

Thành phố: Ho Chi Minh City

Tham gia từ 2015

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The new born day

I am not good at English but I think it may be a good way for me to get better. I just want to find some one being willing to help me. He/She is not only a teacher who can teach me many things about the language and the culture, but also a friend who can stand by me or I can stand by.

2 Người Chọn Điều Này
Kamel Muslim >3 years
i think the effortless english method is the best way ever to learn any language, no just learn it but speak it like a native speaker, because the method is build on communication, and making the conversation automatic and fluent, you can get it free from "utorrent" ,
nam hay noi >3 years
I loves chiden so much
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