The 7 Rules for Excellent English Speaking

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Rule #1 Always Study and Review Phrases as Opposed to Individual Words
This is a very important thing to remember when trying to obtain a mastery of the English language. It is not enough to remember English words and their individual meanings, because it will not have any positive bearing on fluency. What is more important is remembering phrases that convey specific and complete thoughts in order to be able to converse well in English.

Rule #2 Don't Study Grammar
Yes, you read it correctly. It is not advisable to study grammar, especially not in the way that students at school are taught. There are many reasons for this rule, not the least of which is the fact that it would be a complete and utter waste of time. Breaking down sentences and remembering specific grammar rules will only take up so much of your time and confuse you to no end without really providing any real results.
The new set of lessons in Power English contain the secrets to perfecting English grammar without having to actively study it.

Rule #3 Listen First
This is regarded by the author as the MOST important rule of all because it is key to absorbing and maintaining all the necessary information you need to become a fluent speaker. Without excellent listening skills, you can never hope to become an excellent English speaker or one who is confident enough to converse well with other people. The newly improved lessons include very specific techniques on how to improve your active listening skills and how to use it to your advantage.

Rule #4 Slow, Deep Learning
This is basically the cornerstone of the entire program since AJ Hodge believes that Slow, Deep learning is the most effective way to gain excellent command of the English language. Slow Deep learning entails retention and practice, which has proven best to employ for fast paced language training.

Effortless English program
Rule #5 Use Point of View Mini Stories
This rule is connected to Rule #2 about not studying grammar. Instead of poring through confusing rules, it is better to use the POV mini stories, which are included in the lessons. It will teach you how to use words and phrases correctly in a conversation, while observing proper grammar. You would be surprise at how well your grammar will improve just by paying attention to these lessons.

Rule #6 Only Use Real English Lessons and Materials
Effortless English program uses only real English conversations. When you use the lessons you will learn real English and be able to communicate with real people. Everything you need to become a fluent speaker is provided in the Effortless English Method so there is no need to deviate from the program. Use all the materials created by AJ Hoge so you get the best possible results.

Rule #7 Listen and Answer NOT Listen and Repeat
What this program advocates is active participation from students. You are not to repeat the words/phrases/sentences back; instead, you are to respond as if having a conversation with another person. Since you do not have an actual instructor delivering the lessons, it is important to make the most out of the responses you are expected to give.


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Dinh Phuong >2 years
good collections in leaning english but more thoughts of each rule as u can master.i see u have been in good goal to master it.
Can you help me? My english very bad .

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