Theory without practice like we learn how to swimming without go to pool (swimming pool). So, try it

Viết bởi Na RaraNa Rara- (narara)

Doan van Tau >3 years
Hello everyone
ARHIHOU >3 years
agree with you (y)
Na Rara >3 years
@ngo. Vietnam education? Pardon?
ngo huy >3 years
could it be.your country education like what you speak
ngo huy >3 years
how do you understand vietnam education?
Na Rara >3 years
@ngo. No, as you can see, I'm Indonesian
Na Rara >3 years
@Song. Thanks, Song (X-X)
Na Rara >3 years
@Anh. Yes, not just only me (:~)) but WE can do it (=dragon-happy=)
Na Rara >3 years
@ly. (=dragon-salute=)
ngo huy >3 years
Na Rara, are you vietnamese
Song Pham >3 years
haha, i like your example
you can do it
Van ChanLy >3 years

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