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Troy - a story about men - with Huong Pham, Dan Nguyen


HBO (or Star movies, I can't remember correctly.) has been broadcasting "Troy" for a couple of days now. Of all the epic movies with jaw-dropping battle scenes, dazzling cinematography and good storytelling, I enjoy "Troy" a little bit more than the other titans like "Kingdom of Heaven" or "The Last Samurai", not because of it's actors or direction (though I'm a huge fan of Brad Pitt) but for the simple theme that guide the progress of the h...

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Huong Pham >3 years
Wow this is the first time I experience your writing skill :3 Soo amazing *giving a super duper big heart here* :))
Dan Nguyen >3 years
do proofreading to make sure there's no mistake next time ;) it doesn't worth having mistakes in such a great article like this. I really admire your writing skill :))
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