While being on an assignment for tomorrow appointment, I suddenly remember tomorrow is December 23rd on the Lunar Calendar and I forgot writing “Sớ Táo quân”. (L-))

Táo quân have origins of eastern countries, includes 3 gods: Thần Đất (Earth God), Thần Nhà (House God) and Thần bếp núc (Kitchen God). However, Táo quân is tentatively called as Kitchen God. Besides, “Sớ Táo quân” is a household letter which is believed to be sent to Jade Emperor God through the Kitchen God on the every twenty third day of the twelfth lunar month. In this letter, people will write about their family’s activities over the past year and wish for happiness as well as luck for the next year. They hope that thank to the Jade Emperor God, their wishes will come true.

I have been given this mission - writing “Sớ Táo quân” – since I was at grade 10. I love it, don’t know why :)). At this time every year, I write all my wishes down on the Letter avidly. I'm not superstitious, maybe I just want to review the old year, show my love to my family and find motivation for the new year. This year, the Letter is not a handwritten letter any more, it s a typewritten, so the Kitchen God can read it easily (:D). And here is my “Sớ Táo quân” for this year ^^. How about yours? (;))

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