"up above world so high"

Written by Sandeep SharmaSandeep Sharma- (Sharry)

(Himachal pradesh) India (:8>) - with Minh Anh Nguyễn
Well you can find such valleys at (himachal pradesh ) India - with Pé Su
hi! - with Pé Su
Pé Su ~1 year
where was the mountain ?
Alyssa lily ~1 year
Nguyên Lam ~1 year
Beautiful scenery too
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl-VjLzgo8d53ND41... Hello Can I Help Me Subscribe My Channel. Thanks You!
It's quite impressive , can you tell me where is it?
nice to meat you
Chu Sầm ~1 year
there it?(=Ligthbulb=)
nguyen thuy ~1 year
nice to joij you
nguyen thuy ~1 year
hi everyone i'm new member
near my home.. - with mai thị thảo
kateri >2 years
Thanks am i want us to be friend but i don't really knowhow you will feel about it despite we don't know eachother before because a hello today will leadto relationship tomorrow,please contact me [email protected]
Yến >2 years
Vân Timiu >2 years
Hải Sơn >2 years
where ?
Phong Đàm >2 years
cool (:|)
adminte >2 years
suong >2 years
King Shah >2 years
like a diamond in the sky
Al Beruni Sci >2 years
hi - with mai thị thảo
hi guy, where did you stand?

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