Vanessa Truong- (Vanessa_Truong)

Giới tính: Nữ / Tuổi: 24

Quốc gia: Viet Nam

Thành phố: Haiphong

Tham gia từ 2016

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Live meaningfully


As you know, we only live once. Always smiling and trying to furture, all the best things will come to you. Fighting!!!!

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The way you are living is to consider other people? I feel considerably shy instead of you (L-))
Nikhila ~1 year
what is "FURTURE" my dear?

Communication by English


Hi!!! How is your today? So borded or charming? About me, im bad in temper due to noboy talks with me. If you want to talk English, dont hesitate tell me. Lets talk! (;))

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can you chat with me - với Trung Nguyễn
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