Vietnamese New Year is very happy .

Written by Hoàng LâmHoàng Lâm- (Fair11)

Việt Nam ,January , 26th , 2017
Hello my friends from many other countries . Vietnamese New Year is the most important and wonderful celebration in VN culture . Everyone can wear many new and beautiful clothes (:8>) and watch firework . People can rest after working hard ,enjoy our cultural foods include Chung Cake, Day Cake . Kids are received many lucky money by adults (=Ligthbulb=) from their parents ,neighborhood .The traditional greeting is ''Happy New Year'' and ''Long Life Of 100 Years'' is used by children for elders.(=dragon-dreaming=).Year-end Gathering is a national favorite comedy show broadcast during the night before the New Year's Eve. So only 3 days left is the time for us to say HAPPY NEW YEAR.(:8>)(:8>)(:8>)(:8>)((3D))
My E is not good but can we be friends each other ?

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Kenny Small ~1 year
Oh. Your E is very good. It is not bad
Hoang Bao ~1 year
neighbor not neighborhood on row 8 as you wrote :D

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