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Vietnamese people in the era of globalization:

Vietnamese people areembracing new values in the process of becoming global citizens. What changes has globalization made in this country? Vietnamese people, like any other people in the world, are living in the era of globalization - where each and every aspect of the daily life can be affected by a number of global phenomena. In this article, we will take a look at some positive influences of globalization on the Vietnamese life.

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Vietnamese people are getting wiser

Thanks to the effects of globalization, Vietnamese people have grown to be more aware of the world both academically and socially. The availability of Internet and international media allow the Vietnamese to get access to more of the the world’s knowledge and information than ever. Also, many schools and universities in Vietnam have restructured their curricula based on the enhanced programs of leading universities in the world, such as the Ivy League. This enables local students to have better education with international teaching approaches and up-to-date learning materials, not to mention a great number of the Vietnamese youth are studying abroad. Thus, nowadays, the Vietnamese are becoming more and more knowledgeable and professional on the fields of both natural and social sciences. They are also gradually replacing conservative points of view on many a social issue with more open ones, such as that on same-sex marriage.

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Vietnamese culture and lifestyle are enriched

Being introduced to a wide range of other cultures has huge impacts on Vietnamese culture and lifestyle. A great number of foreign interests and celebrations, such as Christmas and Halloween, are embraced by the Vietnamese – and, thus, enrich the Vietnamese culture. In addition, the import of foreign leisure activities such as Western movies, Korean drama(s) and Japanese manga(s) brings Vietnamese people more options for entertainment. More importantly, these imported products have greatly influenced Vietnamese people, especially the younger generations, in terms of behaviors and lifestyle. I will further discuss this issue in another article.

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Vietnamese people work and do business differently

Globalization has many impacts on the Vietnamese economy, especially the companies and employees in this developing country. Nowadays, many international corporations join the Vietnamese market, bringing along with the modern technology, new industries and innovative management. This change helps Vietnamese economy grow in both width and depth, i.e both quantity and quality of its products and services. However, it also puts the Vietnamese corporations and traditional businesses at risk due to the intensive competitiveness. As for the working force: besides their specialization,Vietnamese people also need to become more professional and efficient in order to fit into the highly competitive international working environment. Learning soft skills has thus become a trend in Vietnam. Several schools and universities have added soft skills training courses to their program, and many training centers have been established to meet the demand.

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More Vietnamese people are becoming multilingual

The development of technology, economy and tourism create more situations in which the Vietnamese have to communicate with foreigners. As a consequence, learning at least a foreign language turns into a priority for Vietnamese people. Besides English, which is the most common foreign language in Vietnam, Chinese, French, and more recently, Korean, Japanese and Spanish are also being popularized throughout the country. Nevertheless, learning a foreign language as a part of school’s curriculum is usually not enough for Vietnamese people. Many of the local youth choose to take extra classes at language learning centers, get coached at home or go online for more materials and foreign conversation partners, such as Hope Speak.

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Mentioned above are just a few among the many impacts of globalization on the life of Vietnamese people. Aside from the positive aspects, there are numerous darker shades, such as the misinterpretations and misselected adaptations of foreign lifestyles, which we will discuss more in our upcoming articles. Now, if you have any other points that you want to discuss, either agreeing or disagreeing with us, feel free to share in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!


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