What are Some Advantages of Timeshares?

Written by Linda HudsonLinda Hudson


What is a timeshare? Well, a timeshare is a property which is mutually owned by people who use it at different times throughout the year. Generally, the timeshares are the condominium apartments situated in desirable tourist destinations like around the resorts and attractions. Sometimes, in order to add variety to their lives, the owners even swap timeshares in order to visit different locations.

• Timeshare Accommodation

The biggest advantage of choosing a timeshare is that it comprises of property with the right amount of space, right from the studio apartments to a large multi-bedroom unit. Unlike the hotel rooms, timeshares exemplify spacious lodgings with fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room and moreover the bedroom suites. Apart from this, amenities like Jacuzzi, hot tubs and fireplaces are also included. It can feel a lot more like ‘home’ while you are out for the vacations. So, looking for a timeshare in Las Vegas?

• Flexibility, Convenience & Value

Many people hold the opinion that they save money by owning a timeshare. Timeshares owners have the flexibility in choosing when and where to travel, the duration of their vacation and the size of the unit. The owners of timeshares are often asked to pay an annual maintenance charge, thus eliminating the monthly maintenance fees, insurance as well as the other cleaning services.

• Onsite and Nearby Amenities

Most of the timeshares offer onsite amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts and hot tubs. Moreover, many of the timeshares also include fitness centers, and even the spas providing health and beauty services. You can choose a timeshare location that is pretty close to the attractions which you want access to. Some timeshares even offer cruises in conjunction with ownership.

Timeshares are nothing, but vacation plans that have been around in the United States since 1969. According to American Resort Development Association (ARDA), Timeshare is a $9.2 billion industry.

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