Who does not speak French, said the practice go!!!

Viết bởi Kate Ella SpearsKate Ella Spears- (Doanhien)

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Yassine >2 years
I speak french
Hieu Khuc >3 years
beautiful girl
hoanganh >3 years
never seen before
hoanganh >3 years
very nice
Anjum Tanoli >3 years
very sweetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt looking(:3D)
Mint >3 years
understand what i mean
Mint >3 years
the black thing,who's boy=>
Nguyễn Phú >3 years
beautiful girl :)
tan thai >3 years
beautiful girl
Ti Tran >3 years
Bonjour !
Nguyễn Phú >3 years
very cute smile :)
Mint >3 years
but beautiful
Mint >3 years
i think you always take a selfie
san dayz >3 years
cool and looking beautiful..
Dit moteur de quelqu'un??? Vuos dire puorquoi ? Je ne suis vraiment pas elle
John Cahill >3 years
your eyes are big, i want it
Đại Vĩ >3 years
i used to study french about 3 years ago but i just focus in english so i know speak some sentences now (:D)
Hamza >3 years
Qu'est ce que Vous voulez dire ?

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