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The importance of correct pronunciation


Pronunciation is the most important and difficult problem that non-native English speakers have to face when studying English. Improper pronunciation can lead to negative impression, misunderstanding and ineffective communication. i will provide you with some tips for the improvement.

Negative impression:
When you talk to people in the real life, your pronunciation is the first thing they notice during a conversation. In everyday communication, you usually do not have to use...

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Preparation for studying a foreign language


Knowing more than one language is essential nowadays. It not only helps you to communicate with people around the World, but it also gives you a great advantage when seeking a career in the job market. However, learning a new language is not an easy process. In order to get the best achievement, you need to have a proper preparation before starting learning. Here are some suggestions for you to make a good preparation:

Choose a language:
First, you should begin by choosing w...

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Top 10 Holiday Pins


Take a browse through our favorite holiday pins for those who may be celebrating baby's first christmas or preparing for the holiday with a little one. View more on [Top 10 Holiday Pins](http://www.babble.com/baby/pins-of-the-week-holiday-edition "Top 10 Holiday Pins - Hope Speak")

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