Yamaguchi Toshiro- (YamaguchToshiro)

Gender: Female / Age: 19

Country: Viet Nam

City: Hai Duong

Member since 2015

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Hà Helly

Gender: Female / Age: 18

Country: Viet Nam

Nguyễn Minh Hoàng

Gender: Male / Age: 20

Country: Viet Nam

Ho Thanh Phu

Gender: Male / Age: 28

Country: Viet Nam

Mr. Manh

Gender: Male / Age: 35

Country: Viet Nam

#Tan I mean how are u not what are u doing
Mint >2 years
i'm doing my exam
Of course. - with Pham Thuong
Pham Thuong >2 years
hello,I'm a girl, let's make friend with me @. I'm from in Viet Nam, I want to talk English Every day...you can help me :p
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